Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hybrid therapy, that combines the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy with psychotherapy. This unique technique was developed by the highly acclaimed British therapist, Marisa Peer, who has perfected this method over the past 30 years.  

Hypnotherapy is a powerful vehicle because of its ability to allow access to the subconscious - the part of our mind that holds the inner critic and negative core beliefs. The direct access to our subconscious via hypnosis brings to the surface the information required to understand what is holding one back from feeling confident, secure, worthy and successful.  

What to expect:

Hypnosis is a natural state, much like daydreaming, and is very similar to meditation. If you’ve ever drifted off for a moment during a conversation, or while driving, then you’ve been in the same state. As you drift into a sensation of heightened relaxation (hypnotic state) your critical mind will quiet down and your subconscious mind will be ready for new, healthy, powerful suggestions.

You can be assured that you will be awake and always in control throughout your session, but you will be in a very relaxed state, reclined, with your eyes closed. During your session, your mind is able explore and uncover where painful emotions and limiting beliefs come from that are causing the negative patterns you experience today. Once the root cause is established, brand-new, empowering beliefs can take their place in your subconscious leading to the development of new, healthy patterns. Through the years our minds are responding to experiences, misread messages, words and images that create our core beliefs. As a result, it is often vital to tap into the subconscious, through hypnosis when the mind is the most suggestible, to experience true transformation.

Here are some of the things clients may experience:

·  Letting go of old habits holding them back

·  Increased self-esteem and confidence boost

·  Relief from emotional hurt and pain

·  Relief from physical pain and symptoms

·  Better social skills like speaking in public and improved performance at work

·  More creativity and energy in everyday life

·  Feeling less pressure and less guilt

·  Freedom from anxiety and worry

·  Better and more fulfilling relationships

·  Better eating habits and weight loss

Most issues are a result of our brilliant mind trying to protect us and keep us from hurt and pain. The good news is, we have created those beliefs so we have the power to reprogram our mind, change our core beliefs and rewrite our narrative. 

Sessions run approximately 2 hours.

1 to 3 sessions are recommended for lasting results.

*Please note: Although Rapid Transformational Therapy has a high rate of reported success, individual results vary and are dependent on many factors.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

~ unknown

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